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Custom Pokeballs by Cryptid1399 Custom Pokeballs by Cryptid1399
1. Rocket Ball: The custom/signature Pokeball of Team Rocket, it is said that inside is a cruel place, that makes Pokemon miserable, instead of comfortable like a normal Pokeball does.

2. Green Pokeball: Remember the Green Pokeball shown in the first episode of the Pokemon anime? Well, this is a sprite version of it.

3. Classic Pokeball: If you look at the sprite for a Pokeball it's orange, not red, like it's usually described it. So this is just a Pokeball that has been made red, like it should be?

4. Crystal Pokeball: Just a sprited version of the Crystal Pokeball that Molly Hale used in the 3rd Pokemon movie.

5. Space Ball: If you ever bothered to read through my old Fakedex, you would know that instead of Fossil Pokemon, you would get Space Pokemon. Basically, you would go into space and would go on an Asteroid that the "bad guys" were going to do something on. On that Asteroid you could find two Meteorite Shards, and you could only take one before a "bad guy" Grunt would snatch the other one. Later you could get a third Meteorite Shard, but that's all unimportant. The scientists would inform you that due to the lack of gravity in space, you could only use these special Space-Balls that they had developed. Yes, in certain areas of the Asteroid would be patches of "grass" that you could find wild Pokemon in. These had the same catch rate as a normal Pokeball, but you had 100 of them, making it all but impossible to use them up.

6. Apricorn Ball/Old Pokeball: It's said that people used to turn Apricorns into Pokeballs. This is based slightly off of what I think those would look like and slightly off of the Old Pokeball that Sammy used in Celebi: Voice of the Forest.

7. Dark Ball: A sprite version of the Dark Ball that the Iron-Masked Marauder uses in Celebi: Voice of the Forest.

8. Rainbow Pokeball: Just a special event Pokeball you would be able to get in my Pokemon game. You couldn't actually use it, but inside of it would be a special Pokemon. But, unfortunately, I kind of quite on that project, so I never decided what that Pokemon would be. ^^;
ar7hur50 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016
can you make these sprites in normal size?
Cryptid1399 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm... maybe.
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